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Sci.Electronics.Repair (S.E.R) FAQ - V4.30 (24-Nov-10)
Main Table of Contents (ToC)

The Expanded ToC lists the current version of all the S.E.R FAQ files of mine (Sam). This may be convenient if you are attempting to locate or download a particular photo, schematic, or other file not referenced directly by the top level ToC.

[Document Version: 4.30a] [Last Updated: 17-Jun-12]
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You may get ShOcKeD if you don't read these Notes on Safety V1.25 (12KB)
Samuel M. Goldwasser's "Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of...":

Samuel M. Goldwasser "Other Repair Information":

Samuel M. Goldwasser "LASERS: Safety, Info, Links, Parts, Types, Drive, Construction":

Samuel M. Goldwasser "General (Mostly Electronics) Information and Links":

"How to Repair..." from other sources:

"Helpful References":

And some remote sites of interest:

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